Temporal Games

Technical VFX Artist (Unity)


Creation of stylized and captivating visual effects in accordance with Riflecore artistic vision. Usage of the existing visual stack and further expansion of VFX methodologies.


  • Collaborate with the VFX artist and technical artist to build a stylistically coherent VFX framework combining hand-drawn and procedural approaches.
  • Communicate with the entire game development team to ensure cohesion between game mechanics and visual effects.
  • Manage the balance between quality and resources available for the best game experience.
  • Participate in planning, organizing, and following the delivery plan on your tasks.


  • A portfolio containing in-engine works of high-quality visual effects.
  • Knowledge of essential techniques and design principles of visual effects in traditional animation.
  • Understanding common technical workflows and communicating your ideas to the technical artist.
  • Experience in designing a combination of hand-drawn, particle, and material-based visual effects.
  • Understanding essentials of Unity game engine or at least strong experience with other game engines, like Unreal Engine.
  • Capable of setting up and supporting VFX elements as materials, prefabs, particle systems, post-processing components, and other custom-written unity components.
  • Ability to do modeling and texturing required to bring VFX ideas to life.
  • Fundamental understanding of shaders, modern-day graphics function from concept to implementation and optimization.

Languages: English Intermediate or higher (B1+).

Location: Remote.

Apply: job@temporal.games.