Temporal Games

VFX Artist


Help author an artistic vision for visual effects and, subsequently, design the effects with the approach in mind; make production-ready assets with feedback from technical artist and game-designer.


  • Collaborate with the VFX technical artist and the project’s technical artist to form a stylistic approach to VFX for a brawler-like game that relies on clear visual feedback.
  • Form an overarching visual design style for the project’s VFX as an author, with feedback from the creative director and the art team.
  • Communicate with the entire game development team to ensure cohesion between game mechanics and visual effects.
  • Design, plan, and produce high-quality stylized animated effects: on both the preproduction stage and actual frame-by-frame animations used in production.
  • Participate in planning, organizing, and following the delivery plan for your tasks.


  • A portfolio demonstrating visual effects conceived in an animated style used in existing productions.
  • A portfolio demonstrating your workflows from design conception to production-integrated result.
  • Knowledge of essential techniques and design principles of visual effects in traditional animation.
  • Ability to iterate your work based on feedback from our game design specialists and art team.

Nice to have:

  • Experience designing a combination of hand-drawn, particle, and material-based visual effects.
  • Understanding essentials of Unity game engine or at least strong experience with other game engines, like Unreal Engine.
  • Capable of setting up and supporting VFX elements as materials, prefabs, particle systems, post-processing components, and other custom-written unity components.
  • Ability to do modeling and texturing required to bring VFX ideas to life.
  • Fundamental understanding of shaders, modern-day graphics function from concept to implementation and optimization.

Languages: English Intermediate or higher (B1+).

Location: Remote.

Apply: job@temporal.games.