Temporal Games

Senior Unreal Engine 5 Engineer


Development of Virtual Being’s solution in Unreal Engine 5 based on custom Evolving AI technology integration. The solution is based on a custom architecture that uses genetic algorithms and reinforcement learning, creating a system capable of learning skills in real-time and capturing the surrounding context. Part of the project is a dialogue system allowing users to engage NPCs in a free-flowing conversation. Virtual Beings are integrated into a large third-party Social VR project.


  • Development using C++.
  • Implementation and integration of different AI elements and subsystems in Unreal Engine 5: context awareness, behaviors, character motions and animations control, voice controls, batch training mode, server-side agents support, state persistence, libraries integrations, etc.
  • Working with an external development team on integrating the solution into a third-party project codebase.
  • Working on a showcase that contains all integrated AI features in a polished, user-friendly environment.


  • 5+ years of C++ development experience. Expertise in C++ in and outside of Unreal Engine environment.
  • 3+ years of Unreal Engine development experience.
  • Unreal Engine editor extensions experience: utilities, plugins, libraries integrations.
  • Priority experience in navigation, decision-making, procedural animations, optimization, and networking logic.
  • Experience in AI practical application as behavioral trees and behavioral gameplay logics with non-trivial approaches. Past experience in artificial neural networks and machine learning is a plus but not a requirement.
  • Other gameplay-systems development experience such as advanced animations controls, state machines, character controller, physics/raycasts, UMG UI.
  • WebSocket / HTTP Client-Server interaction.
  • Capability to construct efficient, expandable system architecture; support and expand the existing one, understanding and respecting its architectural patterns.

Nice to have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • Enterprise experience with a decent team-player experience, project following & sustaining, assist in collaborations with colleagues and those with comparative junior experience.
  • Participation in commercial releases of projects made in Unreal Engine 4 or 5 (high-budget, big-production projects are a plus).
  • Experience with development for Linux, especially server-related experience.
  • Wide optimization experience (reducing draw calls, CPU boundaries, managing application size, PiX, NSight).
  • HTTP 2.0 and REST APIs.
  • ISO C++11.
  • Basic understanding of modern artificial intelligence technologies: reinforced learning, genetic algorithms.
  • Basic shaders, tech art experience.

Languages: English Intermediate or higher (B1+).

Contract duration: 12 months, possibility of indefinite-term contract / employment.

Location: Remote.

Apply: job@temporal.games.