Temporal Games

Machine Learning Engineer


Development of Virtual Being solution in Unreal Engine 4 based on an integration of custom Evolving AI technology. The solution is based on a custom architecture that uses genetic algorithms and reinforcement learning, together creating a system capable of learning skills in real-time and capturing surrounding context. Part of the project is a dialogue system, allowing users to engage NPCs in a free-flowing conversation.


  • Development of new advanced technologies for simulating convincing human-like behavior in learning, motion, speech and decision making.
  • Development, integration and deployment of Virtual Beings ML stack.
  • Working in cooperation with the backend team to ensure production quality and readiness of AI web service.


  • Qualified degree (preferably BS in Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Management or Statistics) or equivalent experience.
  • Proven working experience as Senior ML Engineer for 2+ years.
  • Deep expertise in Python development. Knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
  • Strong knowledge of classical machine learning algorithms, deep learning, modern neural network approaches.
  • Knowledge of ML frameworks and libraries: Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, Caffe2, scikit-learn, numpy, matplotlib, OpenCV, word2vec (the more, the better).
  • Knowledge of Flask web framework. HTTP 2.0 and REST APIs.
  • Base dev-ops skills: containerization (Docker, Kubernetes), cloud platforms (AWS, GCP).

Nice to have:

  • NLP, chatbot development, text content analysis.
  • Expertise in object detection and tracking; gesture recognition, scene understanding, movement/action prediction; semantic segmentation and instance semantic segmentation.
  • Data preparation: raw data annotation and labeling, data augmentation and normalization.
  • C++ knowledge (for making python bindings).
  • Passion for game development / industry.

Personal qualities:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both written and spoken.
  • Autonomous and proactive attitude.
  • Problem-solving and results-oriented.
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to change.

Languages: English Intermediate or higher (B1+).

Contract duration: 12 months, possibility of indefinite-term contract / employment.

Location: Remote.

Apply: job@temporal.games.