Temporal is a Chicago-based AI company focused on the multidisciplinary intersection of  LLM research, Machine Learning in 3D Graphics, and Conversational Interfaces.

Our Recent Work


Spatial Media Platform

Volumetric Streaming for Spatial Computing Era

Enables creators to translate a wide range of their creative activities into 3D, pushing the boundaries of traditional virtual content and offering a new dimension of artistic expression and audience engagement.

Enterprise Co-Pilot

Empowering Employees with AI-Driven Corporate Knowledge Access

AI-powered application that enables employees to seamlessly interact with their company's vast knowledge base through natural language conversations.

Decentralized LLM

A peer to peer LLMs network organized as a mixture of experts

is a P2P Layer-1 network designed to expand LLM accessibility, reasoning and computational power.

Our Research


Spatial LLM

Volumetric Streaming for Spatial Computing Era

Trained on proprietary synthetic dataset, our Spatial LLM is the only language model with spatial reasoning sufficient for understanding the spatial hierarchy and relations between objects and elements. LLM-based spatial reasoning enables comprehension and generation of complex 3D scenery.


Generative 3D Foundational Model

Verticle enables generation of props and 3D spaces for next-generation Spatial Media. Verticle's conversational interface introduces a new paradigm in 3D creativity, transforming the process into a unique experience of AI co-authorship.

Join us

Frontend Developer
Develop and optimize user-facing features for Spatial Media Platform.
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UI/UX Designer
Define the aesthethics and streamline the user experience for Spatial Media Platform and its AI co-authorship features.
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